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Doriane Gable, Violin

Teaching Session : Aug. 17 ~ 26

Doriane Gable is a violinist whose musical career has been enriched by her multiple experiences.

She was appointed as solo violin of the Orchestre de l’Opéra National de Paris at the age of 23, a position she held for eight years until 2014. During that time she worked closely with many leading conductors, including Seiji Ozawa, Valery Gergiev, Christoph Von Dohnànyi and Philippe Jordan.

Much in demand as a chamber musician, Doriane has been invited to participate in numerous festivals, including the Berlioz Festival, Geneva, Val d’Isère, La Rochelle, Tillac, Moissac, Jeunes Talents, Château de Tilly, Montauban, Loches, Auxerre, Sens, Cluny, Villevieille and Assiez, amongst others.


Performances have taken her to Thailand, Vietnam, the United States, Russia, Japan, Croatia, the United Kingdom, Morocco, South Africa, Algeria and Tunisia, where she has collaborated with artists such as Gary Hoffman, Jean-Frédéric Neuburger, Xavier Philips, David Grimal, Emmanuelle Bertrand, Olivier Charlier, François-Frédéric Guy, Ashley Wass, Maja Bogdanovic and Tedi Papavrami.


Solo engagements have included concertos by Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Bach, Bartok and Haydn with the Symphonic and Lyric orchestras of Paris and Les Dissonances.

Born in 1982, she was admitted to the Higher National Conservatory for Music of Paris (Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique) when she was just 15, having studied previously at the Regional Conservatory of Saint-Maur-des-Fossés with Marie-Claude Theuveny. Her teachers in Paris included Régis Pasquier, Christian Ivaldi and Itamar Golan. She completed her postgraduate studies at the Higher National Conservatory (Conservatoire National Supérieur) of Lyon, in the class of Annick Roussin.

A regular guest of numerous ensembles across Europe, Doriane has been invited to play in the orchestras of BBC Symphony orchestra, BBC Philarmonic, CBSO Orchestra, Radio France Philarmonic orchestra, Mahler Chamber orchestra, Lille, Auvergne, European Union Chamber, Luxembourg Philharmonic and the Chamber Orchestra of Paris, as concertmaster, associate concertmaster and principal second violin. She has been a member of Les Dissonances - an ensemble which performs without conductor - since 2011, and has directed rehearsals and concerts of major orchestral works by Berg, Richard Strauss and Piazzolla as guest leader.

Doriane regularly serves as artistic director for recording sessions in France, and for the artistic programming of concert series including the “Ring” in Dijon. A keen advocate of contemporary music, Doriane has worked closely with the ensemble TM+. She is a member of the choreographic project “The Will Corporation”, which is supported and danced by Hervé Chaussard from the Angelin Preljocaj company, and was a member of the leading French quartet, Quatuor Parisii, from 2014-2017.



多里安·盖博曾在泰国、越南、美国、俄罗斯、日本、克罗地亚、英国、摩洛哥、南非、阿尔及利亚和突尼斯等地举办演出,她还曾与艺术家如加里霍夫曼、纽伯格 、泽维尔飞利浦、大卫·格里马尔等音乐家合作。与巴黎交响乐团、巴黎抒情乐团和莱斯不协和乐团合作的过程中,她曾演奏过贝多芬、门德尔松、巴赫、巴托克和海顿的协奏曲。 


多里安·盖博出生于1982年,15岁时就考入巴黎高等国家音乐学院,之前她曾在圣莫尔音乐学院与玛丽-克劳德·特尤维尼一起学习。她在巴黎的老师包括雷吉斯·帕斯奎尔、克里斯蒂安·伊瓦尔第和伊塔马尔·戈兰。她随后在里昂国家高等音乐学院的Annick Roussin门下完成了研究生学业。 




多里安常任法国录音的艺术总监,并为包括法国第戎“魔戒”系列音乐会的艺术策划工作。多利安是当代音乐的积极倡导者,曾与TM+合奏乐团紧密合作。她是安杰林·普雷约卡伊舞蹈团旗下的“Will Corporation”项目的成员,2014至2017年期间她担任法国著名四重奏Quatuor Parisii的成员。 

Doriane Gable, Violinist

Teaching Session

IV Aug. 17 ~ 26


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