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  • Choose a professor whom you want to study with. 

  • Check the professor's teaching session(s). There are all 7 sessions. 


A participant will receive 3 x 60 minutes one-to-one lessons by online. 

Participants will be offered chances to perform at virtual concert(s) at the end of the course. 

Participation Diploma will be given. 


String/Wind participants shall attend with no arrangement of piano-accompaniment, considering the programs are held online.

A participant can receive lessons or perform at concerts by accompanying their own pianist.

For singing lessons, piano-accompaniment is important. It is ideal that singers shall sing at lessons or  concerts by accompanying their own pianist. Of course, singers can apply without their own pianist. When receiving an application, EMFA staff  will be in direct communication about piano-accompaniment by email.  

Application for Orchestral Audition Preparation Course, click here


1. Photo (of good resolution)

2. CV 


1. Fill out the online application.

2. Send photo / CV via email :

If any, you may attach a playing video of free repertoire. (youtube link available.)

2. EMFA will respond shortly after receiving your email, checking all details required to know. 

Jul. 18 - 27             /    Jul. 28 - Aug. 6 

Aug. 7 - 16             /    Aug.17 - 26    

Aug. 27 - Sep. 5    /   Sep. 6 - 15   

Sep. 16 - 25
The 39th Euro Music Festival & Academy


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