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Inna Faliks, Piano

“A concert pianist of the highest order, Inna Faliks can be as dramatic or as subtle as a great stage actor.”

“Adventurous and passionate” (The New Yorker) Ukrainian-born American pianist Inna Faliks has established herself as one of the most exciting, committed, communicative and poetic artists of her generation.  Faliks has made a name for herself through her commanding performances of standard piano repertoire,  as well genre-bending interdisciplinary projects, and inquisitive work with contemporary composers.  After her acclaimed teenage debuts at the Gilmore Festival and with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, she has performed on many of the world’s great stages, with numerous orchestras, in solo appearances, and with conductors such as Leonard Slatkin and Keith Lockhart. 

Faliks is currently Professor of Piano and Head of Piano at UCLA.  

Critics praise her “courage to take risks, expressive intensity and technical perfection” (General Anzeiger, Bonn), “remarkable insight” (Audiophile audition) “poetry and panoramic vision” (Washington Post), “riveting passion, playfulness” (Baltimore Sun) and “signature blend of lithe grace and raw power” (Lucid Culture.) Her October 2014 all-Beethoven CD release on MSR classics drew rave reviews: the disc’s preview on WTTW called Faliks “High priestess of the piano, concert pianist of the highest order, as dramatic and subtle as a great stage actor.” Her previous, critically acclaimed CD on MSR Classics, Sound of Verse, was released in 2009, featuring music of Boris Pasternak, Rachmaninoff and Ravel. Her discography also includes a recital recording for the Yamaha Disklavier label, Chopin solo and cello sonatas recording with cellist Wendy Warner, and well as “Polonaise-Fantasie, Story of a Pianist” for Delos – a recital of short piano works from Bach to Chopin and Carter, combined with autobiographical essays written by Faliks.

Ms. Faliks’s distinguished career has taken her to thousands of recitals and concerti throughout the US, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.  Highlights  of the recent seasons include performances in Ravinia Festival and the National Gallery in DC, recital tours of China, with appearances in all the major halls such as Beijing Center for Performing Arts, Shanghai Oriental Arts Theater and Tianjin Grand Theater, as well as acclaimed performances at the Festival Intenacional de Piano in Mexico,  in the Fazioli Series in Italy and in Israel’s Tel Aviv Museum, at Portland Piano Festival and with the Camerata Pacifica, with the modern dance troupe Bodytraffic at the Broad Stage Santa Monica, and Jacaranda Series in Los Angeles, where she performed Rzewski’s The People United Will Never Be Defeated. Faliks has been featured on WQXR, WNYC, WFMT and many international television broadcasts, and has performed in many other major venues, such as Carnegie Hall’s Weill Concert Hall,  Metropolitan Museum of Art, Paris’ Salle Cortot, Chicago’s Symphony Center, Moscow’s Tchaikovsky Hall and in many important festivals such as Verbier, Newport, Portland International, Music in the Mountains, Mondo Musica Cremona, Brevard, Taos, International Keyboard Festival in NYC, Bargemusic, and Chautauqua.

She is regularly engaged as a concerto soloist nation-wide: recent appearances include Beethoven 4th with Minnesota Sinfonia, Peninsula Festival , where she played the 1st and 3rd Prokofiev Concerti in the same half of the program with Victor Yampolsky,  Rachmaninoff 2nd concerto with Dmitry Sitkovetsky and Greensboro Symphony Gershwin Project with Daniel Meyer and the Erie Symphony, Clara Schumann Concerto at Wintergreen Festival, Robert Schumann Concerto with Miami Symphony. Her chamber music partnerships include work with Gilbert Kalish, Ron Leonard, Fred Sherry, Ilya Kaler, Colin Carr, Wendy Warner, Clive Greensmith, Antonio Lysy, and others. Faliks is a founding member of the Hollywood Piano Trio, with Roberto Cani, Concertmaster of LA Opera, and Robert deMaine, Principal Cellist of the LA Philharmonic.

Faliks is the founder and curator of the of the Manhattan Arts Council award winning poetry-music series Music/Words, creating performances in collaboration with distinguished poets.This has been described as “surreal, impactful, and relevant” (Lucid Culture). Her long-standing relationship with WFMT radio has led to multiple broadcasts of Music/Words, which she had produced alongside some of the nation’s most recognized poets in performances throughout the United States. An artist known for his versatility, Faliks is equally at home with standard repertoire, rare and new music, and interdisciplinary performances.  She recently co-starred with Downton Abbey star Lesley Nicol in “Admission – One Shilling” ,a play for pianist and actor about the life of Dame Myra Hess, the great British pianist.  Most recently, she is touring with her autobiographical recital-monologue, “Polonaise-Fantasie, the Story of a Pianist” throughout the US and Canada.  Constantly in dialogue with today’s composers, she has had works composed for her by Timo Andres, Billy Childs, Richard Danielpour, Paola Prestini, Ljova, Clarice Assad, Peter Golub, and many more. She was the winner of many prestigious competitions, including Hilton Head International Piano Competition and International Pro Musicis Award.

Faliks is internationally in demand as an Artist Teacher, and frequently adjudicates competitions gives masterclasses and travels to Artist Residencies in major conservatories and universities around the world. In March 2019, Faliks was Artistic Director of Classical Music for YoungArts LA, programming and workshopping a program with the nation’s top young musicians and composers, as well as directing a number of panels and masterclasses. Her past teachers included Leon Fleisher, Boris Petrushansky, Gilbert Kalish, Ann Schein, and Emilio del Rosario. Inna Faliks is a Yamaha Artist.

乌克兰裔美国钢琴家是茵娜·法利克斯(Inna Faliks)是她这一代音乐家中最激动人心、最执着、最善于交流、最富有诗意的艺术家之一。法利克斯对于著名钢琴曲的杰出演奏,以及跨流派的音乐风格,以及与当代作曲家作品的积极探索,为自己赢得了广泛的国际声誉。继在吉尔摩音乐节(Gilmore Festival)和芝加哥交响乐团(Chicago Symphony Orchestra)备受赞誉的青少年处子秀之后,她还在世界许多伟大的舞台上演出,与众多管弦乐团合作,并与伦纳德·斯拉特金(Leonard Slatkin)和基思·洛克哈特(Keith Lockhart)等指挥家合作。 


评论家们称赞她“敢于冒险,表现力强烈,技术完美”,“非凡的洞察力”,“诗歌和全景视野”,“吸引人的激情和戏谑”,以及“轻盈的优雅和自然力量的标志性融合”。她于2014年10月在MSR classics唱片公司发行的全贝多芬唱片获得了好评如雷:这张唱片被誉为:“钢琴的高级女祭司,最高级别的音乐会钢琴家,像一个伟大的舞台演员一样戏剧性和微妙。”2009年,她为MSR Classics唱片公司发行了一张广受好评的唱片《诗韵之声》,收录了鲍里斯·帕斯捷尔纳克、拉赫玛尼诺夫和拉威尔的音乐。她的独奏专辑附有 Yamaha Disklavie标签,例如同大提琴演奏家温迪·华纳合作的肖邦独奏曲和大提琴奏鸣曲,在专辑《波兰舞曲及幻想曲:钢琴家的故事》中收录了从巴赫、肖邦到卡特的作品,专辑中还附有她亲自写的自传体散文。 




她经常担任协奏曲钢琴演奏者:她曾与维克多·亚波尔斯基合作《第一普罗科菲耶夫协奏曲》和《第三普罗科菲耶夫协奏曲》,曾与德米特里·西特科维茨基合作拉赫玛尼诺夫《第二钢琴协奏曲》等。她的室内乐合作伙伴包括Gilbert Kalish, Ron Leonard, Fred Sherry, Ilya Kaler, Colin Carr, Wendy Warner, Clive Greensmith, Antonio Lysy等人。法利克斯是好莱坞钢琴三重奏的创始成员,与她一起的还有洛杉矶歌剧院首席小提琴家罗伯特·卡尼和洛杉矶爱乐乐团首席大提琴家罗伯特·德梅因。 


法利克斯是曼哈顿艺术委员会(Manhattan Arts Council)获奖诗歌音乐系列“音乐/文字”(Music/Words)的创始人和策展人,她与著名诗人合作策划演出,被媒体评为是“超现实的、有影响力的和相关的”。她与一些最知名的诗人一起在美国各地演出。作为一个以多才多艺而闻名的艺术家,法利克斯同样擅长著名曲目、稀有曲目和新兴音乐,以及跨学科流派音乐演奏。最近,她与《唐顿庄园》(Downton Abbey)明星莱斯利·尼科尔(Lesley Nicol)共同主演了《一便士》剧目,这是一部为钢琴家兼演员拍摄的戏剧,讲述了英国伟大钢琴家米拉·赫斯夫人(Dame Myra Hess)的生活。最近,她正在美国和加拿大各地巡演她的自传体独奏独白《波兰舞曲与幻想曲:钢琴家的故事》;她还是许多著名比赛的获胜者,包括希尔顿黑德国际钢琴比赛和国际职业音乐奖。 


法利克斯作为一名艺术家教师在国际上广受欢迎,她经常担任比赛评委,举办大师班,并前往世界各地主要音乐学院和大学的艺术家引进项目。 2019 年 3 月,法利克斯担任 YoungArts古典音乐艺术总监,与全国顶尖的年轻音乐家和作曲家一起策划和举办音乐项目,并指导了许多集体课和大师,同时她还是雅马哈艺术家。 

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